2018 Summer Update

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Summer 2018 Updates



Record-High 75% of Americans Say Immigration Is Good Thing.

Gallup Poll 06/21/2018

Media Release for “2018 EthicMark® Awards


Nominations extended through July 15, 2018


 Media Release: Green Transition Scoreboard® 2018, Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition and Health”


A Warm Welcome to Our Distinguished New Global Advisory Board Members! (click for bios)


Nomi Prins                                                                Jarvis Smith

Vicki Robin                                                                Sharon Hadary

Brian Landever                                                         Laura Roberts

Roy Morrison                                                            Ezinne Uzo-Okoro


Advisor’s Articles:

 SCI High Impact SRI 4-18

by Frank Dixon

“I Say No To Starbucks Boycott”

By Jerroll Sanders

“2018 CONAPAC Environmental Science and Conservation Workshop

by Brian Landever

“Climate Truth: A Plan For Sustainability”

by Roy Morrison

 New Media Partners













Articles by Hazel Henderson:


“Global Transition to Halophyte Agriculture may be Inevitable”

“Social Media FANGS In The Crosshairs”

“Money Is Not Wealth”


TV Shows & Presentations by Hazel Henderson:


“Investing In Saltwater Agriculture: The Next Big Thing”

“Social Media In The Crosshairs”

Hazel Henderson Presents at Wiesbaden, Germany, Family Office Forum


Podcast Interviews:


First Coast Connect-Melissa Ross interviews Hazel Henderson

Dr. Mariana Bozesan Interviews Hazel Henderson “Bitcoin is a total disaster”

“Bitcoin or Bit-con? Talking blockchain with Hazel Henderson”

“Women’s Money Summit”

Mitchell Rabin interviews Hazel Henderson



Book Reviews:


“Collusion” By Nomi Prins, “A Green Bank Of England” By Rob Macquarie, Positive Money

“Radical Transformational Leadership”

“The Clean Money Revolution And Real Impact”

“Can Finance Save The World”

“Raise Capital On Your Own Terms” And “Pursuing Profit With Purpose: Benefit Corporation Law And Governance”

“Handbook of Energy Politics” -Edward Elgar Publishing


Op-Ed Syndicated Colums:

“Where’s OTA Now We Really Need It?”

“Restoring Net Neutrality”


With thanks and warm regards to all,


Hazel, LaRae and the Ethical Markets Team