Zevin’s Q4 2018 Impact Update

“Ethical Markets salutes the continuing leadership of Robert Zevin and his pioneering of SRI/ESG responsible investing and shareholder engagement on social and environmental issues, locally and globally.

Read their latest Impact Update.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“


I’m happy to present an overview of our shareholder advocacy and engagement for the fourth quarter of 2018.


Clients’ investments with Zevin Asset Management power our impact investing work. As I detail in my quarterly Impact Update, we filed several shareholder proposals last quarter challenging companies to link executive pay with long-term sustainable performance, promote inclusion, and improve lobbying ethics. We also co-authored an important letter to Amazon, urged world governments to act on climate change, and participated in a pathbreaking working group on investing and racial justice.


You can read about all of these initiatives and get a detailed update on our advocacy dialogue with Ecolab in the attached briefing. For continuing updates, join us on our website, Medium, and Twitter. And please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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