WRI Digest: Air Pollution and Climate Change | Lessons from Dockless Bikes in China

WRI Digest


Curbing Air Pollution and Preventing Climate Change Go Hand-in-Hand 
Methane and black carbon have a powerful global warming impact. They and other climate pollutants also harm your respiratory system, leading to more than 7 million premature deaths every year. Katherine Ross and Jessica Seddon highlight the common solutions to two urgent problems. Read More.


Curbing short-lived climate pollutants can also reduce air pollution-related deaths. Photo by Nicolò Lazzati/Global Panorama/Flickr


COP24: The Biggest Immediate Opportunity for Countries to Step Up Climate Action 

Eliza Northrop argues that the December UN conference in Katowice, Poland is the biggest opportunity for nations to show they’re taking the alarming new findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change seriously. Read more.


4 Questions on the Future of Bikesharing from Its Birthplace 

Peng Jiang and Shiyong Qiu report from China, the original laboratory for dockless bikesharing, asking whether profits will be sustainable, roads will be safe, and riders happy. Read more.


This Month in Climate Science: Glacial Tsunamis, Warmer National Parks and More Hurricanes 

Scientists measured emissions from subglacial volcanoes, developed a cooling paint, and attributed a glacier-driven tsunami to climate change. Kelly Levin rounds up the latest in peer-reviewed publications. Read more.