World Economic Forum: 2018 in charts; a GIFT for finance; win the 4IR

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Building a city from scratch for the financial sector. India plans a GIFT.

Where to work if you don’t earn much: minimum wages worldwide.


On the Agenda

More jobs and an internet minute. 10 charts that tell the story of 2018.

7.2 trillion grocery bags full of plastic. The top statistics of 2018.

Slowing growth, rising tensions. What happened in the economy in 2018.

Goodbye service sector jobs? Understanding the 4 waves of globalization.

Human rights laws: a secret weapon to address inequality.

On our radar

How to make bankers focus on long-term value. Treat them like sports stars.

Globalization from 300,000 BC to the present. It began with climate change.

“Winning” is the wrong model. The coming era of international competition.

The big surprise of global markets. China hasn’t needed to intervene much.

The accidental undertaker: the woman who became a hero by caring for dying men.