Who’ll be the next Bank of England Governor?

We’re in the Guardian today. Why? Because at 11pm tonight applications to be the next Bank of England Governor will close.
The Positive Money office team coordinated a letter signed by 94 high-profile people and organisations including Yanis Varoufakis, Kate Raworth, Steve Keen and Friends of the Earth, and it’s in today’s print and digital Guardian.
Donald Trump, party politics and Brexit are soaking up media attention right now. But who our politicians choose to be the next Governor of the Bank of England will have a huge impact on the direction of our society… Will we avoid another crash? Will we combat climate change? Which areas of our country and economy will receive investment? Will you be able to afford your rent or mortgage in 8 years? The next 8 years – the length of the next Governor’s time in office – will be dramatically shaped by three key trends: climate change, inequality and asset price inflation.  We believe we need a bold and brave Governor with new ideas. Someone who’s ready to face these challenges head on, and who’s genuinely committed to working for people of all ages and areas of the country, not just bankers in the high towers of the City of London.
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Some of the UK’s most senior politicians should see our letter today – lots of the signatories are already sharing it on Twitter. But if our MPs see the issue creating a buzz with their voters on social media or in their inboxes, they’ll really start to take notice. [1] Once applications close tonight, it’s up to the Chancellor Philip Hammond and his team to draw up a shortlist of suitable candidates over the next few weeks. That list will be reviewed by the Treasury Select Committee – the powerful group of MPs who scrutinise the Bank of England. Then the final decision will probably be made in the Autumn. Who knows what the political situation will be by then! But one thing’s sadly certain: sea levels and rents will still be rising. We need a Governor who’s ready to respond, not simply maintain the status quo.  If you agree, and think more people like you and I deserve to hear about it, please will you share the letter now? The Governor is not only the most senior position at the Bank of England, but one of the most powerful jobs when it comes to shaping the UK economy. Let’s make sure the appointment of that person doesn’t pass us by. It’s an issue the UK public simply cannot afford to ignore.  Thank you for being involved,