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Carbon Budgets Explained

What lies beneath Carbon Budgets?

Our latest paper Carbon Budgets Explained, takes a look in to how and why we determine the carbon budget, and what lies beneath the different  2°C budgets published by different institutions.

The paper explains how the likelihood of a certain temperature outcome used, and five variables can affect the overall size of the carbon budget.

  1. Time – what defines ‘pre-industrial’?
  2. Sector – emissions from energy only, or total carbon budget
  3. Greenhouse gases – CO? only, or non- CO? greenhouse gas emissions as well
  4. Fossil fuel shares – the split of coal, gas and oil
  5. Carbon Capture and Storage

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Carbon Tracker Initiative

Watch this short animation explaining how we determine the carbon budget.

Carbon Tracker 2?C Scenario Analysis Tool available on Bloomberg

Today we launched our new 2?C scenario analysis tool on the Bloomberg App Portal, powered by Rystad data, which will help investors understand transition risk and incorporate it in to their investment process.

The tool puts our in-depth analysis of the impact of climate change on a company’s exposure to the carbon transition at investors’ fingertips.

The app includes various indicators for select listed oil and gas companies, and gives users the ability to assess companies’ resilience under carbon constrained scenarios.

The tool is available to Bloomberg subscribers on the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS TRACK <GO>}.

Read the full press release here.