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“Ethical Markets sees EcoBusiness ‘s $1.3 trillion as under-stated! Our Green Transition Scoreboard 2018 stats and research  shows a cumulative $9.3 trillion already privately invested in green sectors worldwide since 2009!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

Did you know that there’s a $1.3 trillion market for cleantech globally? Yet, less than 2 per cent of start-ups in Asia are focused on this sector, and under 10 per cent of global cleantech venture capital investment goes to entrepreneurs and start-ups in the region.

This is why we have teamed up with Temasek Foundation Ecosperity to present The Liveability Challenge, which helps close the gap on financing for these desperately-needed solutions. After a two month global search, we’ve picked six teams to pitch their projects to a panel of venture capitalists and investors at our grand finale next Wednesday, 11 July at Marina Bay Sands at the World Cities Summit.

We have a few spaces left so drop us a note with your details to [email protected] to get a pass.

In other news, our Changing Course climate change exhibition is drawing to a close after a successful launch last month. As a last hurrah, we are hosting a documentary screening and reception this Sunday for those who’d like to join us.

We are also looking for passionate individuals to join our ever-growing team. If you love to write, or have experience in media sales, please get in touch!
Jessica Cheam
Managing EditorCan venture capitalists help save the planet? Cleantech could help to tackle the biggest environmental issues today, yet private investors remain hesitant to take the leap. How can both come together to fight climate change and create sustainable cities?
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