UNGA/Climate Week Recap: Leaders Step Up Against Corruption and Help Build a Net-Zero Future That Leaves No One Behind

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Restoring Trust with Purpose

The world is facing a crisis of trust, threatening global progress to build sustainable communities and economies. Unilever CEO and B Team Leader Paul Polman offers his thoughts on how purpose-driven businesses and open governments can help restore institutional integrity and accountability.

Toward a New Trust: A Call to Act on Corruption

Business, civil society and government leaders came together at the Concordia Summit during UN General Assembly Week to encourage continued business and policy action to restore integrity in business and government. Participants focused on the importance of transparency in business ownership and government procurement as key tools in fighting corruption.

More on restoring credibility: 

  • Building Business Integrity
  • In a blog post for Open Government Partnership, May Miller-Dawkins, Director of The B Team’s Governance & Transparency Initiative, outlines several ways for business to build credibility alongside open governments. From supporting key policies to publishing company ownership, the private and public sectors can work together to build thriving democracies and economies.

  • Trust: The Fight to Win It Back
  • Business, government and civil society leaders offer their thoughts on the current crisis of distrust and how to restore institutional integrity in the Open Government Partnership’s latest publication, “Trust: The Fight to Win It Back.”

A Net-Zero Future That Leaves No One Behind

The shift toward a world with net-zero carbon emissions will spur new jobs and build robust communities. A truly just transition will ensure that our fossil fuel-free future does not exclude anyone from the many economic opportunities it will create. In our latest video, B Team Leaders and our partners from the Just Transition Centre offer their thoughts on how we can build equity into the irreversible transition to a clean energy economy. From pensioning fossil-fuel workers to redeploying the skills of the workforce, they offer a blueprint for private and public sector leaders to build a fair future.

Climate Week NYC Highlights Unstoppable Action

Businesses, governments and cities reaffirmed their unshakeable commitment to the Paris Agreement at the opening ceremony of Climate Week NYC 2017. Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson and ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow represented The B Team, focusing on the need for more innovation in building more climate resilient communities, and the imperative of ensuring workers are not forgotten in the shift to a clean energy economy.

GSMA’s Mats Granryd, Sustainability Champion, Joins The B Team

The B Team recently welcomed mobile industry leader and sustainable development advocate Mats Granryd as the newest B Team Leader. As Director General of the GSMA, Mats supports the group’s global membership through a range of industry programmes, advocacy initiatives and industry-convening events. He has led the mobile industry’s work around achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and sees cross-sector collaboration as a major driver in this effort. The B Team looks forward to Mats’ continued advocacy for business action to further sustainable development.