This Month: To Power Past Coal, We Need a Just Transition 

The B Team

To Power Past Coal, We Need a Just Transition

At COP23, more than 25 countries, regions and states announced their dedication to phasing out coal production by 2030 as part of the Powering Past Coal Alliance. While this is the right move, those committed must prioritise building a just transition in these efforts. In response to this important moment, Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, and Mary Robinson, President of the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice, write on why we need to include just transition in this commitment and ensure workers are not forgotten in this shift.

Building a 100% Human at Work Community in Kenya and Beyond

The 100% Human at Work Initiative has been traveling the globe this year, with its most recent stop at Safaricom headquarters in Nairobi. More than 30 CEOs and human resources professionals gathered to discuss how they can build thriving workplaces for today and the future. The key takeaways from the discussion and why 100% Human at Work principles are not just a “nice-to-have” guide for African companies, but a fundamental part of business strategy.

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COP23 Highlights Economic Actors Bringing Paris to Life

COP23 highlighted the commitment and growing reality of countries and businesses working to achieve the Paris Agreement. Negotiations and events affirmed the need and desire for collective global action toward reaching the Paris goals. This momentum is promising, but 2018 will prove to be a key test to their dedication. How they can raise their ambition to build a sustainable and equitable future.
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The African Partner Pool: Enhancing Transparency in Procurement

This week, open contracting experts, innovators, and practitioners gather in Amsterdam to share learnings, challenges and ideas at the Open Contracting 2017 conference. Innovations to improve transparency and eliminate corruption in the procurement process are key on the agenda. The African Partner Pool is one example of how innovation in open contracting can promote business opportunity and minimise economic inequality.

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We Mean Business & The B Team Urge Net-Zero By 2050 Vision

Net-Zero By 2050 has been formally recognised by the We Mean Business coalition’s Take Action campaign and Science Based Targets initiative. The B Team is calling for businesses to join the Net-Zero team and advocate for policies that support an economy-wide transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Additionally, companies who wish to join must set a Science Based Target and phase out all greenhouse gas emissions by January 1, 2050.

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