This Month: Building a Better Way of Doing Business in 2018 and Beyond

2017: Thanks For All Your Support

Events of the past year have emphasised the need for building a better way of doing business. B Team Co-Founder and Executive Chair Jochen Zeitz along with Senior Partners Jean Oelwang and Joanna Rees reflect on our 2017 accomplishments toward this mission, made possible by your continued partnership and support.


A Major Step Forward For Transparent Markets

Last week saw a major win against anonymous companies thanks to a decision from the European Union. Officials approved the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which mandates beneficial ownership registers in all EU member states. This move enhances business and investor integrity in the region while protecting its people from the harm of anonymous companies.

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Encuentro +B Helps Build a Better Way of Doing Business

From November 28 – December 1, The B Team joined more than 500 entrepreneurs, civil society leaders and academics in São Paulo at Sistema B’s annual conference, Encuentro +B. Participants worked to develop solutions that will build a more inclusive, regenerative economy to address some of the most pressing issues facing Latin America and the world.
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Post-Paris, Expectations of Corporate Climate Governance Grow

Last week marked the two-year anniversary of the landmark Paris Agreement. Since its signing, investors and stakeholders have raised their expectations of corporate directors to address climate-related risk and opportunity. How this movement will help accelerate the shift to a net-zero economy.

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Open Contracting Global Highlights Innovation in Public Procurement

More than 200 open contracting innovators, practitioners and advocates from 37 countries came together from November 28 – 29 in Amsterdam at the Open Contracting Global Conference. Participants shared opportunities, ideas and challenges around the future of open contracting, emphasising the importance of strong business leadership to build fair markets and thriving infrastructure.

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