TCFD Releases Final Recommendations Report

The Task Force today published its final report –Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures and supporting materials. The final report will be presented at the G20 Summit in July. The final report took into consideration feedback from extensive stakeholder outreach through two public consultation periods, numerous events, webinars, focus groups and industry interviews.
The final recommendations of the Task Force received widespread industry-support with over 100 business leaders and their companies signing our statement of support. These companies have a combined market cap of around $3.5tn and include financial institutions responsible for assets of about $25tn. The support from business leaders around the world and across industries shows the importance of disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities and the benefits of making these disclosures. Companies’ adoption of the recommendations is an important step forward in enabling market forces to drive efficient allocation of capital and support a smooth transition to a low-carbon economy.
Going forward the Task Force will focus its attention on encouraging and monitoring implementation of the recommendations until September 2018.
To learn more about the final recommendations report the Task Force invites you to join one of our upcoming webinars:

Final TCFD Recommendations Report
The Task Force provides a voluntary, consistent disclosure framework that improves the ease of both producing and using climate-related financial disclosures. The recommendations will help organizations identify and disclose information needed by investors, lenders, and insurance underwriters to appropriately assess and price climate-related risks and opportunities.

The report, annex and technical supplement on scenario analysis are available here: