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Energy Self-Reliant States: New Report! Minnesota’s Value of Solar

Energy Self-Reliant States: New Report! Minnesota’s Value of Solar

A busy week for democratic energy!  Last week we: Released a comprehensive explainer on Minnesota's value of solar policy. Fired back at the biggest solar leasing companies in their war on value of solar with An Enormous Question for ‘Solar Choice’. Published a presentation I gave at Electrons on the Run, a conference in Minnesota [...]

World Water Council Elects New Board to Ensure Water Security

Marseille, France, 19 November 2012 - The World Water Council today announced that its members have elected a new Board of Governors. The Board will oversee and guide the Council's work for the coming three years. The elections took place during the triennial General Assembly for which 240 participants had gathered in Marseille, France. Through [...]

Global brands look to cut carbon emissions contributions

Global brands look to cut carbon emissions contributions Image: CO2 by Juliette Terzieff, Senior Director of Communications Carbon neutrality and carbon footprint reductions are two areas where companies are exploring ways to make contributions towards protecting the environment. The approaches afford companies the flexibility to tailor [...]

Latin America and the Caribbean face massive economic damages from global warming, report warns

June 5, 2012 - Click for the story Region needs to dramatically increase its investment in climate change adaptation and mitigation in the coming decades Latin America and the Caribbean face annual damages in the order of $100 billion by 2050 from diminishing agricultural yields, disappearing glaciers, flooding, droughts and other events [...]

Naturally does it. Natural Capital Declaration paves the way to Rio+20

'Lights out' were the calls heard around the world for the sixth Earth Hour held this late March. The initiative started by the World Wildlife Fund is a striking symbol that gives us a measure of how far the world has come since 'environment' and 'sustainability' were considered emerging issues, only two decades ago. Less visible and [...]

Coke Cans Go White In Support of WWF Polar Bear Campaign

Coca-Cola is changing the red background of its soft-drink can design for the first time ever as part of a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) campaign to protect the arctic habitat of polar bears. Coca-Cola will also give up to $3 million to WWF’s polar bear conservation efforts. Read More... More SB Communications Sustainable Life Media headlines [...]

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