Impact Day, 2018

Every day, donors like you help create real impact by bringing the land-regenerating potential of Holistic Management to more farming, ranching, and pastoralist communities across the globe.

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Stories of impact: Zimbabwe

This is the first of 6 stories from our ‘Stories of Impact’ series–glimpses into the lives directly impacted by your support. Watch your inbox for more ‘Stories of Impact’ now through the end of the month.

Just outside of Victoria Falls, the 20 smallholder farmers of the Sizinda Community have joined together to use Holistic Planned Grazing with support from their local Savory Hub – the Africa Centre for Holistic Management.

Rather than each person managing their own animals and competing with others for grass, collectively the small holder farmers manage an average of 120 animals as a single herd with a single grazing plan.

This has not only freed up significant time that was otherwise spent tending animals, but by following a grazing plan the small holder farmers have greatly increased the productivity of their communal lands – an area that many claim is unsuitable for food production. The smallholder farmers through working together have significantly increased the productivity of their croplands by using animal impact.

They now produce more food than they need, and sell surplus to meet their basic needs like paying school fees for their children, building houses, and buying other food commodities.

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