Storage news: Maryland launches storage tax credit pilot

Mix of Solar and Batteries Is Beating Natural Gas

Chris Martin and Mark Chediak | February 13, 2018
Natural gas is getting edged out of power markets across the U.S. by two energy sources that, together, are proving to be an unbeatable mix: solar and batteries.

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From our digital edition

Unpacking the Value Stack: The Challenge Facing the Energy Storage Industry

Zach Pollock and Chad Abbey | February 13, 2018
Even though energy storage was one of the hottest topics in 2017, the industry has a long way to go before utilities recognize (and compensate) storage assets for all of the benefits they can offer.

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When We Talk about the Future of Renewables, We’re Only Right About Half the Time

Jennifer Runyon | February 7, 2018
When I started at Renewable Energy World in the fall of 2007 as a part-time news editor, the year 2020 seemed eons away.

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Creating and Maintaining a Microgrid: Tools to Get You from Concept to Reality to O&M

Jennifer Runyon | February 8, 2018
Increased interest in microgrids coupled with better and more robust digital tools to operate and maintain assets is leading to innovation in the microgrid design space.

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How Important Is City Leadership to the Paris Agreement?

Jennifer Delony | February 12, 2018
In this minicast, local and regional governments call for global conversation on urban planning for climate change, and the European Commission releases the biggest database on cities ever published.

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Energy storage news

How One Florida Utility Will Use Storage to Capture ‘Lost’ Solar

Renewable Energy World Editors | February 13, 2018
Florida Power & Light last week said that it has installed a battery system at its Citrus Solar Energy Center that will allow the utility to get more energy from solar panels at the project.

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Maryland Launches Energy Storage Tax Credit Pilot Program

Renewable Energy World Editors | February 14, 2018
In what is being called a first for the U.S., Maryland has committed $750,000 to an energy storage tax credit program for 2018.

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Environment Not a Winner in Trump’s New Infrastructure Plan

Jennifer Delony | February 12, 2018
Plan includes some opportunities for support of energy infrastructure.

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Opinion and commentary

Why America’s Tech Talent Should Reconsider Africa

Erin Boehmer | February 9, 2018
It’s not been a great year for Silicon Valley’s image when it comes to women in tech. Firms faced a reckoning this year as women (and sometimes men)…

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Digitalization Is Revolutionizing the Renewable Energy Sector

Hanno Schoklitsch | February 8, 2018
Renewable energy capacity increases faster than any other technology, as clean energy has never seen such high demand.

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