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[Wow!  This really was a great interview, and a great lineup of speakers!  I feel honored to be included with my elders and my peers…]


Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about what you can do to create real, lasting change?

Do you watch the news and fear your city, country or the world are hopeless because of all the violence, political conflict and war?

If so, you’re not alone!


The good news is that there’s an exciting movement across the globe right now, merging spirituality, neuroscience and peacebuilding and creating positive social change.

Through these efforts, a new path forward is being revealed… one that embraces the spiritual dimensions, as well as grounded, practical actions that can transform difficult situations locally and globally.

And there’s an exponential growth of practical programs and proven practices happening right now… programs to help you BE change in your own life.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to join me for Inspiring Positive Social Change, where I’ll be speaking alongside many esteemed thought leaders and trailblazing agents for change — including  Andrew Harvey, Joanna Macy, Shariff Abdullah, Melanie Greenberg, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Chief Phil Lane, Jr., Audri Scott Williams, James O’Dea and others.

They’ll provide insights and skills that you can apply in your daily life — with your family, friendships, business partnerships and in service to the world.

Free Online Event

Inspiring Positive Social Change

Event Kickoff: July 11&12

Weekly Series: July 18-September 5, 2017



Inspiring Positive Social Change shines a light on proven, effective and inspiring ways you can take practical, positive action — right where you are right now.

Designed as a 2-day event (July 11 & 12), followed by a weekly series (Tuesdays, July 18 – September 5), Inspiring Positive Social Change will teach you invaluable techniques in stress reduction, overcoming fear and self-doubt, developing self-esteem, cultivating compassion and forgiveness, communication skills, community peacebuilding, conscious activism and living from a place of inner resilience and Oneness.

I hope you’ll join me for this extraordinary free online series that’s really a celebration of a growing movement bridging spirituality, neuroscience and peacebuilding.

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Here are just a few highlights from what our 30+ brilliant speakers will be sharing with you:

·      Andrew Harvey will offer powerful insights into Sacred Activism.

·      Rabbi Michael Lerner will shed light on Spiritual Activism — including key strategies in working for change under the current political administration.

·      Joanna Macy will talk about the Great Turning and how you can best participate in this epic transition to a life-sustaining planetary culture.

·      Shariff Abdullah will speak about practical ways of creating a society in line with our deepest spiritual values — a global society that includes all people and peoples.

·      James O’Dea will give some powerful information about Conscious Activism – where mysticism meets activism.

·      Audri Scott Williams will share insights into applying Indigenous wisdom to social healing and peacebuilding.

·      Plus you’ll discover how you can bring the soul of peace to your home, school, place of worship — and our global family.

RSVP here to join Inspiring Positive Social Change — at no charge: