SolarAid – a history in pictures & charts, on the day we help launch an upgraded best-of-class solar light & approach our 2 millionth solar light sale

“Ethical Markets congratulates our friend Jeremy Leggett for his many continuing contributions to greening the global economy and our common human future!

Hazel Henderson, Editor “

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The world is behind the required pace to reach UN Sustainable Development Goal 7: clean and affordable energy for all by 2030. SolarAid has been trying to help to lead the way, and we launch a product today, with our partner Namene Solar Light Company, of which we have great hopes: a good time for for a state-of-play report, in the form of a pictures-and-charts history.

In preparing this, I am hoping others can learn from our mistakes as well as successes, and share in our excitement about the prospects for hitting this vital target for humankind. You can see the slideshow here. As ever, the powerpoint original is available in the slideshow folder accessible from my website.