Smart Centres Index Survey


Z/Yen and Long Finance have developed a Smart Centres Index, designed to track the development of commercial and financial centres across the world in their support for and readiness for new technology applications.  Smart centres are cities across the world which encourage a high degree of innovation in business using new technologies.  While FinTech is often discussed in relation to new technology, the impact of technology is much wider than the financial sector, with the potential for far-reaching impacts on all areas of commerce and trade.

The index is intended to help investors, governments, and regulators track the attractiveness of centres for new technologies and products by measuring how attuned centres and their regulatory systems are to attracting innovation and growth in Science, Technology, Energy Systems, Machine Learning, Distributed Ledgers, Science, and Fintech.

As part of the development of the index, we want to explore how professionals rate centres worldwide on the regulation, depth and quality of new technology in those centres.  We are writing to you as part of our community of professionals whose views make a difference to the development of commerce worldwide.  Please take a few moments to complete the survey by clicking the link below.

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With best wishes, The Smart Centres Index Team