Sept 11-21 join Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, Karenna Gore, Marianne Williamson, Robert Thurman, Sande Hart, Jonathan Granoff, others for the 11 Days of Global Unity FREE Online Tele-Summit!

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WE – A global  campaign of We, The World to unite and amplify the efforts
of people, organizations and movements working for the common good

11 Days of Global Unity Tele-Summit
Moving from Vision To Action

September 11-21, 2017

Featuring some of the most Visionary Thinkers
and Activists of our Time

Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, Marianne Williamson
Robert Thurman, Karenna Gore, Nwamaka Agbo
Michael Beckwith, Sande Hart, Jonathan Granoff

   and many others

Powerful talks on each of the 11 Themes For Change

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Participate by phone or computer online worldwide!
We may be the first generation to have the ability (and responsibility) to decide whether or not we will be the last generation! At this perilous moment in our world, when we hear about new social, political and environmental challenges every day, the 11 Days of Global Unity Tele-Summit provides a comprehensive way to know about and connect with what is working in the world.

These 11 profound dialogues together form a blueprint for global transformation with a call to action that you and your group(s) can be part of.
Speaker Schedule

Talks begin each day at 1:00PM Eastern Time (USA)

With Host Rick Ulfik, Founder of We, The World and the WE Campaign at


Sept 11 Unity


Marianne Williamson (Internationally acclaimed bestselling author, lecturer, Founder of  Project Angel Food, and a grass roots campaign to establish a US Department of Peace)

Sept 12 Interdependence


Michael Bernard Beckwith (Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center and Co-director, Season for Nonviolence)

Steve Farrell (President & Executive Director, Humanity’s Team)


Sept 13 Environment


H.H. Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi (known as “The Green Sheikh”, a member of the Ajman royal family in the United Arab Emirates, one of the most resilient and vocal proponents for the environment and youth empowerment)

Sept 14 Economic Justice


Nwamaka Agbo (Program Manager, Restore Oakland/Ella Baker Center, and Innovation Fellow, Movement Strategy Center)


Sept 15 Health


Dr. Rangan Chatterjee (integrative Doctor of Medicine, star of BBC One’s “Doctor in the House”)
James Maskell (CEO and Founder, Evolution of Medicine, and host and founder of the Functional Forum)


Sept 16 Children And Youth


Carlos Palma (Director and Coordinator, Living Peace International)
Arooj Javed (PhD student in Human Development, Religion and Peace Building)

Sept 17 Women


Sande Hart (Director, Women and Girls Sector of Charter for Compassion International, and President of S.A.R.A.H. – Spiritual And Religious Alliance for Hope Women’s Interfaith organization)
Despina Namwembe (Director, Women and Girls Africa for Charter for Compassion International, and Regional Coordinator for United Religions Initiative in the Great lakes countries of Africa)

Sept 18 Human Rights


Robert Thurman (Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Columbia University, and Co-founder, Tibet House US)

Sept 19 Freedom


Ralph Nader (Political activist, author, lecturer, attorney, multiple US Presidential Candidate, directly credited with landmark American consumer protections including the Clean Water Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Consumer Product Safety Act, laws mandating seat belts, food ingredient labelling, etc)

Sept 20 Disarmament


Jonathan Granoff (President, Global Security Institute, and 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee)

Sept 21 Peace


Deepak Chopra MD (Founder, The Chopra Foundation; co-founder, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing. prolific bestselling author and world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation)
Karenna Gore (Director, the Center for Earth Ethics and is the eldest daughter of former US Vice President Al Gore and Tipper Gore. She is an attorney, advocate, writer, educator, author )
Kabir Sehgal (Author, composer, producer, military veteran, financial executive, and co-author with Deepak Chopra and Paul Avgerinos of “Home, Where Everyone is Welcome – Poems & Songs Inspired by American Immigrants”)

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