Reporting Exchange Newsletter – the latest in ESG reporting

eporting Exchange Newsletter – the latest in ESG reporting


For this month’s newsletter, we bring you the latest risk research from the World Economic Forum, one of the world’s largest asset managers’ findings on ESG investment portfolio performance and an inside look at the Japanese reporting landscape.

Risk in 2019


Environmental risks dominate the WEF’s Global Risks Perception Survey for the third year in the row. As the report says, it is in relation to these risks “that the world is clearly sleepwalking into catastrophe,” with extreme weather events and unmitigated climate change particularly prominent. The WEF’s annual meeting in Davos saw the release of a set of principles and questions to help guide companies towards effective climate governance and reporting. You can find this corporate guidance here and read the full risk report here.

Advancing the ESG reporting landscape


Also released at WEF’s annual meeting in Davos was Seeking Return on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) by the WEF, Allianz SE and Boston Consulting Group. The report investigates key questions around the ESG reporting landscape. For example, which challenges draw the strongest consensus for action between actors? Or where is additional attention required to accelerate the development of effective reporting? The research produces some potential answers as well as further questions to consider. Have a read here and see what you think.

Returns are on the up for sustainability


Last month, Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager, released their findings on the impact of ESG criteria on investment portfolio performance.  The research shows that institutional investors have boosted the popularity of active and passive ESG investing. In addition, the research highlighted that 2014 marked a turning point, with ESG screening driving outperformance. You can read the full findings of Amundi’s research here.

ESG reporting in Japan


Earlier this week, we released a case study that examined the reporting landscape of Japan, the world’s third largest economy. Using data from the Reporting Exchange as well as WBCSD’s Reporting matters, we gave an assessment of the country’s current ESG reporting practices. Additionally, the report draws on the expertise of the Japan Exchange Group and PwC to better understand the factors determining ESG reporting now and how it may develop in years to come. Check out the case study here!