Renewable Energy Ideas Too Good to be True

Renewable Energy Ideas Too Good to be True
Free energy, perpetual motion machines, and solar cells that work in moonlight.

Bjorn Lomborg: The Sustainability Critic
He’s the economist environmentalists love to hate.

CPV Ascendant? Cogentrix Gets $90M Loan Guarantee for 30MW Project
Amonix to provide the CPV hardware.

ECD’s Bloody Quarter: PV Sales Collapse, Layoffs
Revenues plunge 70 percent; 20 percent of workforce to be laid off. Ouch.

Google, Lighting Sciences to Create Android Bulb
A Wi-Fi bulb that relies on existing hardware? Home, and even office, networking suddenly looks less expensive. Will it redraw the competitive landscape?

The Key for LEDs: How About Liquid-Filled Light Bulbs?
It’s the Liberace of light bulbs from Switch.