Public Comment Period for SASB Standards Ends This Month



Help us make SASB standards even better

As we close out the calendar year, we will also close out the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s 90-day public comment period, which began on October 2. We have seen more than 2,300 downloads of the exposure draft standards, which are the provisional standards updated to include the past few years of extensive feedback from stakeholders. This feedback includes ongoing input from issuers and investors at multiple levels, including detailed discussions and follow-up conversations. This has made all the difference in making SASB standards highly relevant across 79 industries.

Please help us make SASB standards even better by providing constructive feedback prior to our launch in 2018. We encourage you to make a comment via the SASB’s Comment Portal before the public comment period ends on December 31, 2017.


A note on changes covered in the exposure draft standards

Changes covered within the exposure draft standards are those for which significant supporting evidence and/or market feedback was received during the 2017 consultation period. Priority was given to items that would improve quality of the standard, including the materiality and/or decision-usefulness of the information the standard is designed to yield and the cost-effectiveness of implementation. For more information on the changes, please refer to the exposure draft as well as the associated Basis for Conclusion document, which provides the rationale and supporting evidence for the proposed changes.

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