Public Banking from William Penn to Santa Barbara

“Ethical Markets is a supporter of the Public Banking Institute and its Founder, lawyer Ellen Brown, author of The Public Bank Solution, to which I wrote the Foreword. I’m honored to serve on their Advisory Board.  ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

Public Banking InstitutePublic Banking Institute News: June 21, 2017


SAVE THE DATES ÂSeptember 15th and 16th 

The Public Bank Solution: Funding a Sustainable Future

Public banking’s National Conference Comes to Princeton, NJ where public banking itself is making significant headway into a new era of potential. Notable national speakers, discussions of developments and the challenges facing the movement as well as the impacts these banks can make in America’s cities and states will all be engaged. Make plans now to be a part of this important gathering! Registration will be opening in the coming weeks, but please let us know if you’re thinking of coming. More details will be forthcoming soon. Set the date aside now to be there!


Santa Barbara County, California Joins the National Public Bank Conversation

Frank Sanitate’s Opinion piece in the Santa Barbara News-Press was met with strong, public support, including some elected officials. Public Bank advocates are ready to help Santa Barbara County take a deeper look at the Public Banking Solution. Officials are eager to find a realistic way to deal with their budget short-fall. Others are curious about what kind of non-taxed-based revenue a public bank could generate that might be used to pay for crucial public services, and things like affordable housing so that their teachers, law enforcement officers, fire fighters and other key employees can live closer to where they work. MORE


How the Quakers Put the PUBLIC in Banking

During the third week of June, hundreds of southwestern Quakers met for their annual gathering at Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico. The theme was – “About Money: a call to Integrity, Community and Stewardship”. While there, I spoke about Quakers’ history with public banking, and about the explosion in public banking efforts happening across our land. The gentle folk left their week of retreat fired up and ready to advocate for public banking in their own towns, cities and states. MORE


Cities and Towns Prefer Public Banking

Cities and towns across the country are investigating public banking as an option to borrowing from and banking with Wall Street. Check out this blog post from Popular Resistance.

moyers-co-logo.pngBill Moyers Group: a “Better Way” to Fund Infrastructure

State and local governments struggle with the high cost of building and maintaining infrastructure. Roads and bridges across the country are crumbling as a result. When governments use public banks to fund infrastructure, they can cut their costs in half (because they won’t be paying fees and interest to Wall Street.) Check out this story on – a long-time support of public banking.


Alternating Currency

Global monetary expert Bernard Lietaer has said that a country would be more stable financially if it had multiple currencies focused on specific sectors of the economy – the idea being that if one goes down, the others can continue to provide needed financial services. Ellen’s guest is Lionel Denenberg, the tech genius behind PayServices, a crypto-currency concept already authorized to create alternate local and state “money” systems that could serve special needs like the growing cannabis industry. Co-host Walt McRee talks with the former president of the Massachusetts Growth Capital Fund, Charles Grigsby, who is helping public banking advocates bring forward a new infrastructure bank in the MA House based on public banking principles.  And there’s been a big win for public banking in New Jersey!  MORE