Public Banking: Busting Out All Over

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Public Banking Institute



SAVE THE DATES  September 15th and 16th 

PBI National Conference Comes to Princeton! 
“The Public Bank Solution: Funding a Sustainable Future” will bring many notable national speakers and much attention to the momentum for creating public banks around the country. Make plans now to be a part of this important gathering! More details will be forthcoming soon. Set the date aside now to be there!


Philadelphia Says ‘Bye-Bye’ to Wells Fargo: Is the Next Step a Pubic Bank?


More and more local governments are divesting from Wells Fargo after multiple scandals. Philadelphia recently jumped ship and left Wells Fargo. Philadelphia is also one of public banking’s rising stars. This article was reprinted by Moyers & Company. Bill Moyers’ organization has published many articles on public banking.

Bernie Sanders Brigade Sponsors California Public Bank People’s Forum

On the campaign trail, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talked about fighting Wall Street greed and the control that Wall Street banks have on our lives. His California supporters have taken this a step further and are pushing for public banking in California.


Does Trickle Down Economics Work? AZ Gives Away More Tax Dollars than It Spends

azflag.jpgDuring the recent Arizona budget battle over corporate tax cuts, it was revealed that Arizona gives away, rebates or doesn’t collect $13 billion in taxes. Contrast this with the $9.8 billion that Arizona’s government spends to run the state. Does trickle-down economics work? Not when you give away more potential revenue than you spend, you have a crumbling transportation infrastructure, your schools and public buildings are in disrepair, foster care is near the top nationwide, and teacher pay is near the bottom nationwide. Check out the Arizona’s corporate welfare details in this article by the Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting. Perhaps it’s time for public banking in Arizona.


Bankers Get Paid First

Ever notice that regardless of what additional level of public suffering is required, payment of bank debt by governments transcends all.  Debt is the mechanism by which private capital interests retain and control power over public interest and prospects, which is why creating public banks is so important for our cities, counties and states.  This week Ellen talks with a renown and prolific contributor to the public discussion, Stephen Lendman, to take a look at how the new administration fits in with the interests of the global financial regime. She also shares here experience having dinner with Senator Elizabeth Warren. And co-host Walt McRee talks with Donald Cohen of In The Public Interest which now reports weekly on the trend of privatizing public assets that enrich private interests.