PBI welcomes Daniel Hicks; Washington State moves forward

PBI welcomes Daniel Hicks



PBI is pleased to introduce a new member of our national leadership with the appointment of Daniel Hicks as Director of Media Relations. Daniel’s role with PBI will be to build deeper ties with the media and produce new materials that expand the understanding of Public Banking and its relevance to the national media discussion.

Daniel is a journalist, economist, TV producer, world traveler and dual faculty member at the University of Miami. He managed network coverage from Los Angeles for NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC and other network channels and graduated from Columbia University’s School of Journalism. His list of travel experiences is dizzying.

Such deep media experience should be valuable to PBI’s mission … [read more]


PBI makes detailed presentation to Washington State Task Force as WA moves forward

As the winter rains fell in the Pacific Northwest, PBI Board Members Nichoe Lichen and Ellen Brown met in Tacoma last Thursday, Nov 9 with the State of Washington’s Infrastructure and Public Depository Bank Task Force to present PBI’s insight into how the state can establish a Public Bank for the State of Washington.

Ellen and Nichoe were impressed by the expertise and commitment of those Washington legislators and bank representatives serving on the task force and how much progress they had made. Perhaps it will it be the State of Washington that enables the first Public Bank in the US in 98 years! [read more]



New Facebook Page launched! Send us your #YesPublicBanks group photos

We are thrilled to launch our new Facebook page to help connect with, educate, and inspire more people on the value of a Public Bank.

To celebrate and highlight all the amazing work being done around the country, we call on our Public Bank supporters to send us photos!

The next time your Public Banking group gets together, please gather for a fun group photo in front of an iconic scene in your city and hold up a sign or small banner that says #YesPublicBanks.

Send them to [email protected]. [read more]



American Banker: “Public banking: The other winner in 2017 elections”

Phil Murphy’s win in NJ has caught the attention of the banking industry. Banking financial services magazine American Banker contacted PBI the day after the election to ask us how we were seeing the success. The resulting article by Laura Alix provides a balanced and overall positive assessment and highlights that the Murphy win “is being seen as a much-needed shot in the arm for the broader public-bank movement.”

Once community banks understand how a Public Bank can partner with them to overcome regulatory and capital burdens, PBI believes Public Banks are likely to gain many more banker allies. [read more]


NJ Spotlight: Can Gov.-Elect Murphy Make a Go of His Public Bank?

Local news outlet NJ Spotlight points out that few people in New Jersey had even heard of Gov-elect Phil Murphy before he jumped into the governor’s race, and the same could be said about one of Murphy’s core proposals: a plan to launch a state-run Public Bank.

Now that he has won, Murphy has a chance to “set off a national revival for state banks, an idea that had its heyday nearly 200 years ago but has been rediscovered amid an era of corporate greed and rising income inequality.” [read more]

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