Over and Under Nutrition: Two Sides of an Unhealthy Coin

“Ethical Markets applauds Danielle Neirenberg, the Food Tank, the Barilla Institute and all the new companies now offering plant-based protein alternatives to livestock-raised meats, as we reported in our “Green Transition Scoreboard®, April, 2018:  “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition & Health“.  We also identified all the deep pocketed investment groups now investing in Beyond Meat, and all these new food companies, as well as companies capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and turning it into useful products. We also applaud the new focus on wild and indigenous food plants (e.g. jackfruit, and many others).

The blind spot we also identified is still not in focus:

The over-investment in the planet’s 3% of freshwater on which our global food system perilously relies, while overlooking the other 97% of saltwater and all the other food plants (e.g. quinoa , China’s salt-tolerant rice, etc.) which thrive in 22 countries on degraded and desert lands, without fertilizers, pesticides and provide superior human nutrition!  Download our free report and watch our companion TV show  “Investing in Saltwater Agriculture:  The Next Big Thing“  with NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell “now playing at www.ethicalmarkets.com

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Over and Under Nutrition: Two Sides of an Unhealthy Coin
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