NPC raises concerns about Trump’s use of ‘fake news’

“Ethical Markets Media applauds National Press Club President Thomas Burr, for his public concern over Trump’s often misleading statements, as we have done also in my “Concern over Trump’s Tweets Growing”.  When Kellyanne Conway tries to excuse Trump’s mis-statements by saying in media interviews that we should take less heed of Trump’s words and look instead at what’s in his heart, this only makes matters worse.

Humans evolved over the millennia by developing speech instead of grunts and gestures!  So of course words matter, in fact are the foundation of human cognition!  Another example: during his Press Conference on Jan 11th, Trump responded to a question about his relationship with Putin declaring that this good relationship with Putin was an “asset”!  He seems unaware that the intelligence community uses the word “asset” to mean a spy!   ~Hazel Henderson, Editor, member of NPC”


Thursday, January 12, 2017
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National Press Club raises concerns about Trump’s use of ‘fake news’