New Cornerstone Report: Investing to Advance Racial Equity

“Ethical Markets highly recommends this ground-breaking report on “Investing to  Advance Racial Equity“ from one of the most innovative financial firms in the world, Cornerstone Capital Group.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Investing to Advance Racial Equity:
Practical ways to tackle income inequality 

  • Wealth inequality among racial and ethnic groups in the United States results from structural racism dating to the beginning of the republic. Investors can contribute to the narrowing of economic disparities through a dedicated emphasis on investing in underserved minority communities.
  • Household wealth underpins financial security. By transferring wealth from parents and grandparents to children, families fund the foundations of prosperous lives and communities: quality education, business formation, and home ownership. Inequality persists across generations in part because people of color earn (on average) less income and possess a fraction of the household wealth of white communities, hampering their ability to provide these advantages to the next generation.
  • Investors interested in using their capital to promote racial and ethnic equality should consider how they may help create durable household wealth for people of color. We suggest investment approaches that can contribute to solutions to three of the main current components of wealth inequity: 1) income inequality; 2) access to affordable housing; and 3) access to capital.

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