NCBA Co-op Impact Conference, Oct 3 – 5, 2018

“Ethical Markets as a supporter of cooperatives is happy to  share this good news: the NCBA Impact Conference, October 3-5  at the Sherton Pentagon City in the DC area. Don’t miss it!  ~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

ASBC is proud to sponsor of the NCBA IMPACT Conference, October 3-5, 2018 at the Sheraton Pentagon City (900 S Orme Street – Arlington, VA 22204). ASBC sponsorship gives our members a significant discount on Conference attendance through Oct. 3, so register now. Use discount code “ASBC.” When you click on “Register”  a list of tickets will display. On the upper right-hand side, click “Apply Discount Code.” Once added, a new ticket will be available labeled “ASBC Special Rate – Impact Track” at our discount rate of $420.

On Thursday, Oct. 4, be sure to attend our two Impact Panel sessions and the evening reception—all sponsored by ASBC.

ASBC Panels will be held from 3:30pm – 5pm in Cavalier B/C.

ASBC-sponsored reception will be from 5:30pm – 7:30pm in the 16th floor Stars Ballroom.

Here are details on the exciting ASBC-Sponsored Panels:

Panel 1:
The Natural Alignment of Cooperatives & the Sustainable Economy/Business Model
Panelists: Sandra McCardell (Cooperative Catalyst), Steve Sleigh (1worker1vote Advisory Board) & Steve Dubb (Non-Profit Quarterly) Moderator: John Minor (ASBC)

In 2017, the American Sustainable Business Council published its High-Road Workplace report, which utilizes data from both private and public sources to present the steps legislators and business leaders must take to create a modern and inclusive economy. A central plank of the High-Road platform is worker ownership, a proven method to increase business stability as well as worker happiness and productivity. This panel explores what makes cooperatives versatile business models that can be implemented anywhere, as well as how co-ops serve as local economic drivers and job creators.

Panel 2:
The Importance of Policy to the Cooperative Model
Panelists: Jon Cardinal (Sen. Gillibrand) & Saat Alety (Sen. Scott) & 1worker1vote/Michael A. Peck; Moderator & Contributor: John O’Neill (ASBC)

Like the benefit of judo vs. boxing — using momentum to scale, tipping points, and healing from within — we need to build on positive public reaction to the recently passed, bipartisan National Employee Ownership Act. We need to imagine and launch hybrid ownership models that anticipate where America’s working class is going, not just where it’s been. We also need to repurpose and center-stage comprehensive and inclusive worker/employee ownership policy as the structural antidote that is bipartisan, market-based and socio-culturally empowering. We can heal America’s opiate nation by transforming stakeholders into shareholders with broadened and deepened local, living economy ownership. This is the catalyst to any aspirational “Future of Work” within an economy that works for all, because politics and economics are downstream from ownership culture.