Live from Davos! CEO Support for the Sanitation Economy Action Agenda – Toilet Board Coalition

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CEO Support for the Sanitation Economy
Live from Davos! 

‘The Toilet Board Coalition’s work on Sanitation Economy highlights the immense business opportunities of providing universal access to safe sanitation. Smart businesses will recognise that Global Goal 6 needs to be a key part of their growth strategy.’
Paul Polman, Chief Executive Officer, Unilever


Toilet Board Coalition’ ecosystem development work in the multibillion dollar Sanitation Economy draws CEO support

Unilever, LIXIL Corporation, Kimberly-Clark, TATA Trusts and Firmenich CEOs and senior executives call on global business leaders to join them in developing a new Action Agenda for the Sanitation Economy. The TBC has framed the opportunity of the Sanitation Economy, the future marketplace of untapped business potential helping to tackle the global sanitation crisis, and has assembled growing evidence of significant new benefits for business and society across sectors – an estimated $62 billion opportunity by 2021 in India alone. The Sanitation Economy leverages innovative toilet design, recovery of biological resources within the Circular Economy, and smart digital technologies driving preventative healthcare, to create a double win – accelerated scale up of sanitation, together with multiple business opportunities.

Kinya Seto, President and CEO, LIXIL Group Corporation, said, “As a pioneer in sanitary ware and toilet technology, LIXIL believes everyone should have access to safe sanitation. By considering the Sanitation Economy as a marketplace and integrating this into our core business strategy, companies can unlock unprecedented social change at the same time as tapping into this emerging business opportunity.’

“Tata Trusts has participated in a robust manner in the planning and implemention of the Government of India’s country-wide Swachh Bharat Mission. We are witnessing every day how communities benefit when governments, philanthropies, corporates, and innovators work together. This is a unique model which needs whole-hearted support, and is worthy of emulation” 
R Venkataramanan, Managing Trustee of Tata Trusts

“As a catalyst for the Sanitation Economy, the Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) is effectively mobilizing business leaders to tackle one of today’s greatest public health challenges,’ said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO Firmenich. “As a leader in the science of smell with breakthrough malodor control technologies, we are committed to playing a key role in the Sanitation Economy.’ 

“The continuous improvement of sanitation systems globally is central to the business priorities of Kimberly-Clark.  The rise of the Sanitation Economy now underscores the importance of sanitation in the global economy as a whole.  Our work with the Toilet Board Coalition, as a founding member, seeks to accelerate the business opportunities associated with achieving universal access to sanitation, including new ways to optimise value from the system, while unlocking new and renewable resources for our supply chains, and new information about human health and hygiene. We hope that our peers in the global business community will join us in this important work.” 
Rishi Dhingra, Vice President, Kimberly-Clark, Global Family Care Brands

On 25 January in Davos, the Toilet Board Coalition and LIXIL Corporation will host a roundtable discussion alongside the World Economic Forum’s proceedings with respected global leaders in business and society, to discuss an Action Agenda for the Sanitation Economy: unlocking new growth opportunities, markets and alternative development pathways.