Lean in to Your Role as a Leader at SB’19 Detroit

Join us at SB’19 Detroit, June 3-6 2019
SB'19 Detroit -- June 3-6, 2019

As SB’s annual flagship grows, we’re thrilled to welcome even more purpose-driven leaders into the fold, as it will take all of us to drive the shift we seek. At the same time, we feel an especially deep responsibility to you, our alumni, to meet your needs as leaders in the field, and we are crafting this year’s experience especially with you in mind.

In fact, your leadership has enabled the success of our global movement, and your perspective and expertise are vital to our ability to deliver together the tipping point in culture and business we have been working toward as a community for more than a decade. You are a guide to those just joining us, an old friend to other alums, and proof that brands can be driven by purpose and drive business value in so doing.

As SB grows, we are committed to continue to ensure you are reconnected and re-energized at SB’19 Detroit, so we’ve curated a brand new series of alumni-only social events for you and your peers.

Along with this, we’ve developed fresh content that is especially relevant to this moment in our shared journey. We guarantee that, when you attend this year, you’ll have your current business questions answered and see around the corner to what’s next, while also being inspired and reconnecting with old friends as we together lean in to the race to the top that has now begun in earnest.

SB is built on the idea that true change happens together. Our community is a testament to that, and our alumni community is foundational to being the bridge to better brands. Thank you for being a part of this community, and I look forward to being with you again as we take the next steps on the road to the next economy.

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz
Founder & CEO
Sustainable Brands