Inside Nat Geo: North Korea’s luxury ski resort, a bizarre new species, and more

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Life Aboard the Longest Train Ride Through India “It’s fresh and beautiful and repulsive at the same time,” photographer Matthieu Paley says of the five-day, four-night trip, which spans the length of the Indian subcontinent.

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Travel 3,000 Miles Through China’s Wondrous Wild West  +

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This Is What It’s Like Inside North Korea’s Luxury Ski Resort One of the world’s fastest snowboarders took a highly-supervised tour through this notoriously isolated country, from Pyongyang to the slopes of Masikryong.

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Stunning Time-Lapse Gives a Rare Look Inside North Korea’s Capital City +

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New Purple Pig-Nose Frog Found in Remote Mountains Found in India’s fascinating “sky islands,” this bizarre frog clings to the rock behind waterfalls as a tadpole, spends most of its time underground as an adult, and only mates when it rains.

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Breathtaking ‘Sky Islands’ Showcase Evolution in Action +

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Three Billion People Cook Over Open Fires—With Deadly Consequences In Guatemala, locally made cookstoves are helping combat toxic smoke—but economics and tradition keep many people from using them.

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Baja California’s Recipe for Saving Fishing Communities  Help us pick the idea that could change the world. It starts with you. Vote now and help us decide who will win a $25,000 prize to turn their CHASING GENIUS idea into a reality.

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