In Twelve Days the Conversation Begins @ Regenerative Earth Summit

Register today for the Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Climate + Culture to join us on November 6-7, in Boulder, CO, for vibrant and candid in depth conversation and regenerative community building. This Summit will NOT be rebroadcast. This is a one of a kind opportunity uniting the global community necessary to change the food system to one of health and well being for planet, body and mind.

At the Epicenter has gathered an extraordinary group of dedicated partners and is honored to steward relationships among the influencers who are driving change. We invite you to be involved as well. Register now for Regenerative Earth Summit and add your voice!

Greg Fleishman – Entrepreneur, celebrity networker, and board member, Greg delivers exceptional enthusiasm and know how in branding and building headline food and beverage innovations and strategy. With an emphasis in health food and beverage companies, Greg’s emphasis on “natural green space” has led him to create, foster and develop some of the world’s largest and most successful brands internationally.

Britt Lundgren – Policy and supply chain specialist, Britt uses strong academics combined with hands on experience on organic farms, in Washington DC policy, and an abundance of experience on food and law boards to influence best decisions in all aspects of food production. Willing to point out the carelessness of our current food system and demand a change, Britt is a thriving voice at Stonyfield for the greatest good and proactive advocate for organic practice.

Mark Shepard – A pioneer in Regenerative Agriculture, Mark understands the need of diversification in economics as well as biodiversity on the land. Mark’s perennial farm is demonstrative of over twenty years successful restorative land practice and business stability and innovation. Internationally acclaimed author and consultant on alternative social paradigms and land development, Mark delivers inspiration with each syllable.

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