“Impact: Investing With A Purpose”, Documentary-By Matt Ackermann

“Ethical Markets encourages all to view this well choreographed documentary video on Impact Investing.

“Impact: Investing With A Purpose” interviews with:

Hazel Henderson, Founder and CEO of Ethical Markets

John Streur, President and CEO of Calvert Research & Management

Judith Karl, Executive Secretary of United Nations Capital Development Fund and

Jon Hale,Global Head of Sustainability Research, Morning Star, Inc. only to name a few.

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~Hazel Henderson, Editor”


Impact investing and what it means for financial advisers


Over the course of the past 20 years, impact investing has grown from a cottage industry to a $9 trillion movement. Your clients are clamoring for it, investment companies are pushing it, but what is impact investing and why is it so essential?

“Impact Investing is using your investments both to achieve financial return and broader societal or environmental impact,” said Jon Hale, the global head of sustainability research at Morningstar Inc. “I think that you can and should seek to be impactful throughout your portfolio, not just in sort of high-impact kind of investments, but in your public equities and fixed-income investments as well.”  Documentary “Impact: Investing With A Purpose”

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Impact: Investing With A Purpose

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