“How To Smash Bias in Human-Trained Machine Intelligence “NATURE Feature

“Ethical Markets highlights the article on biases in current algorithms  and how to make them fair (scroll down to  Features  & Opinion).

The authors  still use in their title the misnomer AI for “artificial intelligence“.  This misnomer needs to be corrected to  reflect the actual reality as HTMI (human-trained machine intelligence).

There is always an effort to mystify technological innovation with such abstractions, see my “The Idiocy of Things” and others at www.ethicalmarkets.com . Otherwise, this article is very worthwhile.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“


Hello Nature readers,

Today we peer deep inside the fruit fly’s brain, learn how to quash bias in artificial intelligence and reveal our pick of the best images, features and culture from the week in science.

Visualization of an adult fruit-fly brain resolved down to individual neuronsResearchers hope a 3D image of the fruit-fly brain will boost our understanding of how neural networks affect behaviour (Philipp Schlegel, Drosophila Connectomics Group, Cambridge)

3D image reveals hidden fruit-fly brain cells

A 3D picture of a fruit fly’s brain is so detailed that scientists can see individual cells and trace connections between neurons across the entire organ. The dataset will enable researchers to study the neurons behind a particular behaviour — and compare the insects’ neural networks to other species.

Nature | 2 min read
Reference: Cell paper