How to make the Paris Agreement work

It’s less than two weeks to the deadline for our Climate Photo Challenge! We’d love for all of you to send us your winning photos and get a chance to have your photograph displayed at our upcoming exhibition Changing Course. Details on prizes and judges are all here.

We are also on the lookout for sustainability solutions in the areas of cooling and waste management from any country in the world to enter The Liveability Challenge, which offers up to S$1 million in funding for those solutions at TRL6 and above. Submit before 25th May.

This week, Eco-Business correspondent Ping is in Bonn covering the climate negotiations. Here’s her latest report.

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Jessica Cheam
Managing Editor

How to make the Paris Agreement work

Saving the planet from the worst effects of climate change may hinge on a rulebook for implementing the Paris Agreement, and tougher emission reduction targets. Eco-Business is in Bonn for the latest climate talks.

Globalisation may actually be better for the environment

What do growing anti-globalisation sentiments—represented by Brexit and Donald Trump’s America First policy—mean for resource use and environmental legislation? Experts Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor and Binyam Afewerk Demena discuss.

Plastic particles now infest the Arctic

Tiny plastic particles have been found in every sample collected of Arctic sea ice. But the ice can only hold these indestructible pollutants for so long.

China’s Belt and Road poised to transform the Earth, but at what cost to the environment?

China is aggressively trying to leverage on a trillion-dollar transportation and energy infrastructure construction programme that poses potential environmental impacts.

Ben & Jerry’s and campaign for a freeze on fossil fuel investments

The global ice cream manufacturer and anti-fossil fuel group are urging Australians to petition their city governments to divest from coal, oil, and gas in a new campaign.