Grasping the world’s biggest economic opportunity

“Ethical Markets is a member of this preeminent global coalition to accelerate the global transition from the fossilized era to the cleaner, inclusive and knowledge-richer green economies emerging worldwide.  We have tracked since 2007 the private investments in these green sectors globally in our Green Transition Scoreboard ® at a cumulative $8.1 trillion in our 2017 report“ Deepening Green Finance.

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~Hazel Henderson, Editor “


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An update from Oliver Greenfield, GEC Convenor

There is a story whispered in the green economy corridors of power. Six years ago, the Chinese government asked a certain international policy bank to do some projections on how big the global market for green economy products and services is likely to get.

The numbers were so big the bank had to recheck twice, but finally concluded they were happy with their forecasts. The Chinese government was so impressed by the findings, and the scale of the export opportunity they represented, that they decided to put green technology at the heart of their industrial strategy. Oh – and they asked for the bank to leave the paper unpublished. Read more…

Oliver Greenfield
Convenor, Green Economy Coalition