GIB News (October 2018)


Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Community of Practice (MELCoP) Conference 2018 and Resilience Shift Workshop

13-15 November 2018, @New Orleans, U.S.A



GIB is participating in the upcoming RMEL Community of Practice conference in New Orleans (November 13-15). The common adage, what gets measured gets managed, informs the conference theme, Measuring up to the Resilience Challenge. Become part of this growing global network of 200+ resilience measurement researchers and evaluators working to Strengthen the Evidence Base for Resilience Investments.

Join GIB at #RMELConf2018, where the program includes the panel Investing in Resilience: Measurement, Evidence and Learning for Businesses, and the workshop on resilience co-organized by GIB and The Resilience Shift, a global initiative to catalyse resilience within and between critical infrastructure sectors. Join us in sharing and discussing tools to enhance resilience in the planning, financing, and implementation of critical infrastructure projects. This workshop will also enable tool developers to showcase their tools to an audience covering a wide spectrum of stakeholders within the infrastructure value chain. Besides benefiting from an increased awareness of their tools, developers will be able to gauge the existing market barriers undermining a broader tool adoption. Stakeholders will discover what tools could be useful to them.




The Initial Implementation Phase of
The SuRe® Standard has begun!


GIB is pleased to announce the beginning of the ‘Initial Implementation Phase’ of SuRe® – The Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure. During 2018 and 2019 GIB will be implementing the SuRe® Standard in a set of infrastructure projects. Together with key partners in the sustainable and resilient infrastructure sphere, GIB shall run projects through the full assessment process with the objective that, if compliant, projects shall be issued a SuRe® certification by the end of 2019, beginning of 2020. Projects and actors that decide to engage with GIB during the Initial Implementation Phase, shall have special support from GIB and its partners, rewarding their first-mover spirit. If you are interested to participate (e.g. as a project, as a partner) please get in touch with us at: [email protected]