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Philanthropic Investors Tap “Catalytic Capital” to Seed Innovation & Scale Progress

by Debra Schwartz, Managing Director, MacArthur FoundationOften, the most compelling impact investments are made, not found. That phrase describes how foundations and impact investors use “catalytic capital” to support social and environmental progress. These patient, flexible, “catalytic” investments take on more risk and/or accept a lower return than commercial capital to finance gains that would not otherwise be possible.


Aligning Resources for Good: Incorporating SRI into a Philanthropic Framework

by Melissa Berman, CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy AdvisorsPhilanthropy is transforming to incorporate advocacy and investing, presenting new opportunities to create change and measure impact. Among a field of new players, vehicles and approaches, one strategy gaining traction is SRI investing. As philanthropies broaden beyond traditional grantmaking they are reassessing and reallocating their financial as well as non-financial resources.


The Capacities Foundations Need to Embark on Place-Based Impact Investing

by Teri Lovelace, President, LOCUS Impact InvestingPlace-based impact investing is sparking community development projects that create more just, equitable local economies, and build prosperous, vibrant communities. Place-focused foundations, like community foundations and family foundations are exploring ways to complement their traditional grantmaking with local investments that can catalyze positive community change.


Make Every Dollar Count: Is Your Cash Sleeping with the Right Partners?

by Annie McShiras, Investment Assoc., Self-Help Credit UnionImpact investing has emerged as a major force in philanthropy. Last year GIIN conducted a survey showing that the estimated value of the impact investing sector doubled between 2017 and 2018, increasing from $114B to $228B. There’s a growing demand for investments that actively produce measurable positive social and environmental outcomes.


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