Spot the Spin: The Fun Way To Keep Democracy Alive and Elections Honest

By Alan F. Kay © 2007

Are you an activist for a good cause? Ready to take up arms with Occupy Wall Street? Fine! Few of us do as much as needed to really make the world a better place or to avoid it getting worse.  For many, opting out of activism comes from lack of money, energy or time.  As for “keeping democracy alive and elections honest,” that strikes many as the hardest of all the do-good things to do.

Spot the Spin tells you the fun way to keep democracy alive, keep elections honest and improve the world without becoming an activist, without making donations organizing events or volunteering your time.  And, if you are ready to take up a banner in Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago, Occupy DC or your own town hall, Spot the Spin gives you the tools to recognize the difference between rhetoric and substance.

About the author – Alan F. Kay, PhD. Advisor on public interest opinion research and socially-responsible business 
A WWII draftee in the US infantry (1944-1946), Alan spent 7 months as a Japanese language interpreter in occupied Japan (1946). With a PhD in mathematics from Harvard, Alan co-founded two public companies; one in research and development (1954-’63) and one in 1966, AutEx, supplier of electronic “marketplace” systems to industry, the first B2B e-commerce company including pre-Internet email. In 1978, after selling AutEx (now owned by Thomson Reuters), Kay awakened to the sad state of politics and governance. He became a donor and board member of policy organizations and an investor and advisor to start-up companies pioneering energy efficiency and pollution control technologies. From 1987 to 2007, his non-profit ATI, along with others, established the art and science of public-interest polling. He is author of numerous articles on business, government, and military topics, focusing on developing and supporting major social innovations.  He has written several books, in addition to Spot the Spin.  For much of his body of work, see

Eliminating War! Practical and Specific Ways to Reduce the Likelihood, Risks, Costs and Lethality of Current and Future Wars (2010)  with co-author Col. Daniel M. Smith (1943-2010)

Militarist – Millionaire – Peacenik: Memoir of a Serial Entrepreneur (2008)

Spot the Spin: the Fun Way to Keep Democracy Alive and Elections Honest (2004)

Locating Consensus for Democracy – a Ten Year US Experiment (2000)



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