Don’t trust your ISP. Use this.

Now that the FCC has voted to gut net neutrality protections and let ISPs do whatever they want, companies like Comcast and Verizon will likely waste no time experimenting with new ways to mess with our Internet connections and squeeze us for more money.

(The new rules aren’t even in effect yet, but that probably won’t stop them.)

So we’re unleashing a new app that lets you test whether your Internet provider is slowing down your connection, violating net neutrality, or engaging in censorship. Get it here.

This free, open source tool was developed by our friends at the Open Observatory of Network Interference, part of the Tor Project. It makes it simple to:

  • ?Measure the speed and performance of your network
  • ?Measure video streaming performance
  • ?Check whether and how websites are blocked
  • ?Find systems that could be responsible for censorship or surveillance

Help catch ISPs in the act of violating net neutrality. Get the app today.

The battle for net neutrality will rage on in Congress and in the courts, but in the meantime we need to take steps to defend ourselves from ISP abuses.

Forward this email widely and tell everyone you know to take this simple step:

For the Internet,

-Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. Can you join the group of U.S.-based volunteers? You can participate in tests to track net neutrality violations.


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