Daily Digest ;Sustainable Plant Protein

Sustainable plant protein wins The Liveability Challenge 2019  

From 300 entries, a sustainable source of protein grown on microalgae was awarded top prize in a global search for solutions to make Southeast Asia’s cities cleaner, greener and more comfortable places to live.  

Mobilisation needed for climate-related disasters  

A United Nations agency reported that weather-related hazards such as storms, droughts, and wildfires have displaced 16.1 million people all over the world last year, a figure that can only be expected to grow with climate change. 

Arctic sea ice loss affects the jet stream  

The jet stream affects northern hemisphere climates. And global warming affects the behaviour of the jet stream. Prepare for yet more extremes of seasonal weather.  

Whichever way you spin it, Australia’s greenhouse emissions have been climbing since 2015  

Australian energy minister Angus Taylor says greenhouse gas emissions have gone down by 1.1 billion tonnes. Is this claim misleading?   

More city dwellers connect with their food via street markets  

Street markets have existed for centuries, often offering basic household goods, ingredients and meals at low prices.  

What will Singapore’s producer responsibility laws mean for business?  

By 2025, firms in Singapore will have to take responsibility for the packaging and electronic waste they produce. But what will this mean for businesses in a city that incinerates most of its waste and is low on recycling infrastructure?  

Toxic smog: the new normal in South Asia  

On World Environment Day, people from cities across South Asia speak about living with the smog as air pollution becomes the new normal.  

Running dry: Competing for water on a thirsty planet  

From India to Singapore, from Los Angeles to South Africa, cities and rural communities are increasingly becoming thirsty for water. How can the world sustainably use this vital resource, and avoid conflicts arising from its scarcity?  

5 under-recognised impacts of air pollution  

How are the social costs of air pollution extending beyond affecting one’s health ? World Resources Institute’s Jessica Seddon discusses.   

How grocery lists can green the world  

Meatless Mondays and transparent supply chains are not enough to cut global emissions from food. What is the ‘green consumer revolution’ that UN Environment Programme Young Champion of the Earth Hugh Weldon is pushing for instead?   

Reporting on climate change: Why is it so hard for journalists in developing Asia?  

Why is climate reporting so hard in developing Asia? To mark World Environment Day, Eco-Business asked journalists in countries feeling the worst effects of the climate crisis about the challenges they face doing their jobs.  

Could haze-linked paper giant APP return to supermarkets in Singapore?  
A green label certificate could mean APP products are back on sale in Singapore four years after they were stripped from supermarket shelves because of the firm’s role in the 2015 haze crisis. NGOs say the certification is not justified.  

Philippines’ small-scale women seaweed farmers ride the rough tides of climate change  

The decline in fish catch in Palawan has spurred an interesting shift in society as the community’s women, previously reliant on their husbands’ income, now play a greater role as breadwinners farming seaweed.   

No more plastic straws at over 270 F&B outlets in Singapore from July  

A major contributor to the excessive use of disposable plastic, Singapore’s food and beverage industry has taken a significant first step to influence plastic-free consumption by removing plastic straws from their premises by next month.  

What you need to know about sustainable cooling and climate change  

What makes cooling such a hot topic when it comes to climate change? This year’s #Innovate4Climate summit will look at the problem and potential of sustainable cooling.  

Compound heat waves have double impact  

And now, a new climate hazard: compound heat waves. US scientists on a double whammy: rising mercury, followed swiftly by more of the same.