[CDB-L] GreenMoney’s 25th Anniv Issue – The Next 25 Years: Reflecting on the Future

Here is the new *GreenMoney 25th Anniversary Issue* (July/Aug 17) on “The Next 25 Years of Sustainable Responsible Impact Investing and Business.”

The special issue features a variety of leaders including *Amy Domini* of Domini Impact Investments; *John Steuer* of Calvert; *Matt Patsky* of Trillium Asset mgmt; as well as GreenMoney founder, Cliff Feigenbaum, on the 25 Year Journey.

*GreenMoney’s 25th Anniv. Issue – Reflecting on the Future * Whole issue on our *New website* at – http://greenmoneyjournal.com

*Individual articles*

*• GreenMoney’s 25 Year Journey *
by Cliff Feigenbaum, founder, GreenMoney Journal Direct Link – http://bit.ly/2uiDKZ6

*• The Next 25 Years – Big Picture Thinking * by Amy Domini, founder, Domini Impact Investments Direct Link – http://bit.ly/2uiVx27

*• Responsible Investing – Principles, Pillars and Progress * by John Streur, president and CEO, Calvert Research & Mgmt Direct Link – http://bit.ly/2uj2ro5

*• The Future of SRI *
By Matthew Patsky, Chief Executive Officer, Trillium Asset Mgmt Direct Link – http://bit.ly/2uiJS3A

*• Biomimicry = Return on Inspiration * by Janine Benyus, co-founder, Biomimicry 3.8 & Biomimicry Institute Direct Link – http://bit.ly/2uiOLcT

*Your Feedback and thoughts on The Next 25 Years is welcome* -Cliff Feigenbaum, GreenMoney