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The wild swings on wall street and other now interconnected bourses in today’s global casino have seen billions withdrawn by small investors.  Their instincts are correct.  Today’s markets are becoming too erratic and volatile for investors – driven by frantic speed trading and speculators.  The usual bromides from market pundits blame [...]

Quality of Life Issues in Context – September 2015

By Hazel Henderson, originally posted at EthicalMarketsQualityofLife.com USA Update: September 2015   Total nonfarm payroll employment in August rose by 173,000, and the July revision increased from 215,000 to 245,000 and June’s total was revised upward from 231,000 to 254,000 jobs. The unemployment rate fell to 5.1% with 8 million [...]

Current Issues June 2015

USA Update:  June 2015   Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by a reassuring 280,000 jobs in May after 223,000 in April.  Jobs in March were revised upward to 119,000 with gains for March and April 32,000 higher than previously reported.  The unemployment rate is essentially unchanged at 5.5% with 8.7 million people still looking [...]

The Circular Economy: Winning Brand For Sustainability!

We all live in “mediocracies” whatever our country’s form of government.  We live in “attention economies” where brands, keywords and media trump politics, economics and culture in what Marshall McLuhan called “our global village”.  Today we see countries following Britain’s branding in the 1990s as “Cool Britannia,” such as [...]

Quality of Life Indicators in Context – April 2015

USA Update: April 2015 By Hazel Henderson Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by only 126,000 in March, lower than most forecasts, while downward revisions went from 295,000 to 264,00 in February. The 239,000 jobs reported in January was revised down to 201,000, while confirming the 329,000 jobs added in December. The unemployment rate [...]

How Adam Smith And Charles Darwin Were Hijacked

US Congress Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at a conference at the Brookings Institution lectured her audience of policy wonks. She chided slavish followers of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations(1776) who had never bothered to read his other book The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) which covers the rest of his description of human behavior: our [...]

Hazel Henderson, “The Green Transition & Global Investment” on What Now Radio, Jan. 13, 2015

Listen to the podcast Hazel Henderson, “The Green Transition & Global Investment” on What Now Radio, Jan. 13, 2015 For more information: READ MORE HERE

Reforming Money and Banking: Keys to Debt and Jubilee

In the face of economic instability, the last thing we need is austerity. We need to consider creative solutions—like Jubilee, public banking policies, and currency reform—that take into account the complexity of the environment, the nature of money itself, and the possibility for social innovation. The structural instabilities of [...]

Government by Mediocracy and the Attention Economy

By Hazel Henderson, 1996 This classic work is as relevant today as in 1996 as advertising has become a $500 billion global industry.  As we continue to watch-dog advertising and marketing with the EthicMark(r) Awards for advertising, this chapter from Henderson's Building a Win-Win World illuminates the issues and the importance of advertising [...]

2015’s Winning Coalition

The incoming Republican Congress in the United States, elected by the smallest voter participation since World War II, provides a new opportunity for galvanizing a winning coalition on tax reform.  This new Congress faces the spate of tax-avoiding “reversion”: companies moving their taxable “headquarters” offshore by acquiring foreign [...]

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