Car & Housing Co-ops Partner in Canada, Economics of Wellbeing Podcast & Creative Commons’ New Book

Why Peg City Car Co-op is joining forces with housing co-ops in Winnipeg, Canada

One Winnipeg car-sharing startup is beginning to not only improve accessibility for locals and visitors, but it’s doing so innovatively — with help from the city government and housing cooperatives in the area. Will Winnipeg be the next Sharing City?


Podcast: What would an economy based on wellbeing look like? 

Upstream takes a look at a number of different examples — from the municipal to the national scale — of communities that are already answering this question. From Bristol’s Happy City Index, to Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness development philosophy, there are many inspiring and informative examples of communities that are successfully redefining the goals of their economic systems.


Why bike-sharing platform Bluegogo’s planned launch in San Francisco went downhill

What happened with Bluegogo is a case study in how mobility companies, even ones that may have altruistic goals, can lose their path when they don’t work in collaboration with the cities they’re entering.


How a cooperative in Indonesia is bridging the digital divide

Koperasi Digital Indonesia Mandiri, a cooperative based in Jakarta, Indonesia, is trying to bridge the country’s digital divide by developing a locally-produced, low-end smartphone for Indonesians left out of the digital boom. It’s also building a platform for users to access services from other cooperatives on their phones.


Read an excerpt from Creative Commons’ new book: ‘Made with Creative Commons’

“Made with Creative Commons” is more than a business model. It is about what gives sharing — and Creative Commons — its real meaning.

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Mad City


Are you an urban planner? If so, don’t miss this great event in Latvia in June! Municipal urban planners are the ones who have the privilege and the responsibility to shape future cities. Mix and mingle with fellow colleagues from all corners of the world, listen to original opinions, and discuss fresh ideas. Shareable’s Neal Gorenflo will be there to speak about the sharing economy.