About Skytop Strategies 




As the corporate landscape evolves around global, social, environmental and economic change, Skytop Strategies works to facilitate discussion around corporate strategy with C-suite leaders, institutional investors, boards of directors, stakeholders, and authoritative NGO/government agencies. Skytop Strategies convenes companies through live conferences designed to empower success and longevity within their respective industries and around the global marketplace.  We provide a platform for market-moving dialogue by connecting decision makers through actionable exchange, revolutionizing the way 21st century companies create value. Our programs form an arena for experienced professionals to navigate large-scale concepts and implement sustainable, ethical and productive practices.  Topics cover shareholder activism, ESG and sustainability, governance and risk, gender equality, and much more.  Skytop Strategies also produces high-quality content – interviews, newsletters, feature-length articles, etc. in the form of video, online, print and more – to expand the dialog and support the concepts.