91% of Execs Want to Know Who They’re In Business With—Will the US Listen?

“Ethical Markets congratulates the B Team on their new leadership and for all the progress over the past year!    Hazel Henderson, Editor“

A Note From The B Team 

This month, we’re excited to announce new changes to our executive leadership team. Starting August 1, Halla Tómasdóttir will join The B Team as CEO. We’re also pleased to announce that Paul Polman will step into the role of Chair and Sharan Burrow will assume the role of Vice-Chair.

These changes come as we celebrate five years of creating impact together. Since 2013, our Leaders have worked to catalyse the movement toward a better way of doing business; which would not be possible without your support and engagement. Read more about how our new leadership is ready to raise ambition toward a private sector that prioritises people and planet alongside profit.


Regulations around company ownership transparency are gaining traction in many countries around the world—not including the United States. This month, B Team Leaders are taking a stand for legislation in the US that puts an end to anonymous companies and helps build a private sector that operates with integrity.

Around the world, 35 percent of women—818 million—over the age of 15 have experienced sexual or physical violence at home, in the workplace or in their communities. Gender-based violence isn’t often seen as a private sector concern, but, for companies, eradicating these harmful practices is better business.


“As society grapples with the opportunities and risks related to new technologies, we cannot
ignore impacts to safety and personal fulfillment, especially for women.” Our Business & Human Rights Manager, Michelle Lau-Burke, and 100% Human at Work Intern, Callie Strickland, explore the role of information and communications technology companies in addressing violence and harassment their platforms and products enable.

“If we can achieve this at scale, we will provide the next wave of practical efforts to stop these ‘runaway cars for corruption’ that harm markets and often result in impunity.” Our Governance & Transparency Director Robin Hodess urges EU states to utilise their work with the Open Government Partnership to implement public beneficial ownership registers.


“As market leaders with global reach through hiring and supply chains, policy influencers, and innovators, multinational corporations have distinctive capacities for engagement that do not exist within the traditional refugee response community.” New Tent Partnership for Refugees research answers the question: are refugees located near urban job opportunities?

“There is a difference between taking the time needed to be responsible, and letting this stall out.” The latest Panama Papers leaks reveal the United States has taken little to no action to pursue wrong-doing exposed by the Papers and end anonymous companies.


July 9-18, New York: UN High-Level Political Forum
This year’s UN High-Level Political Forum will focus on “transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies”. Discussions and events will review progress on and strengthen implementation of several of the Sustainable Development Goals.

July 17-19, Tbilisi, Georgia: OGP Summit 2018
The fifth annual OGP Global Summit will focus on civic engagement, fighting against corruption and public service delivery. The Summit aims to promote peer learning, increase ambition and evolve the open government agenda to address new challenges and improve the lives of citizens around the world.

July 17-19, Kigali, Rwanda: Mobile 360 Series – Africa
Mobile 360 Series – Africa will bring together key stakeholders across Sub-Saharan Africa to develop and celebrate innovations around Africa’s Digital Revolution. Leaders from tech, telecoms, finance, agriculture, infrastructure, education and more will discuss how to make a digital future inclusive for all.

July 30: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
The theme of this year’s World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is “act to protect and assist trafficked persons”. This focus highlights the growing global refugee and migrant crisis, the impact of conflict and natural disasters, as well as the resultant, multiple risks of human trafficking that many people face.