7 Charts That Show the World Is Actually Getting Better

“While I wrote a glowing review of Hans Rosling’s work in his posthumously published book “FACTFULLNESS“ (2018), we at Ethical Markets  believe that the Chart on money-denominated GDP metric is destructive of social , environmental and other longer-term values, as well as the Earth’s climate.

We use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a more accurate measure of human development and national progress ratified in 2015 by its 195 members.  The scientific surveys we conducted with GlobeScan in twelve countries in 2007, 2009 and 2013 confirm that the public in all these countries agree! (see  our reports at www.ethicalmarkets.com)

Hazel Henderson, Editor“

January 10, 2019, Newsletter

Global Citizen Stories

7 Charts That Show the World Is Actually Getting Better

What a time to be alive! These charts show how the world has become a much better place compared to just a few decades ago.

This Bus Is Actually a School for Homeless Children

The Hope Bus is making a major impact on the lives of homeless, orphaned, and displaced children in Iraq.

Singapore Is Putting Farms on Top of Shopping Malls

This beats your typical food court any day. The rooftop farm is growing leafy greens and herbs to improve the city’s food security.

This Virus Is More Dangerous to Pregnant Women Than Zika

Scientists are rushing to develop a vaccine for the virus, which causes flu-like symptoms and extreme liver problems.

This Dog Was Saved From a River of Trash

On New Year’s Day, rescuers in Alabama saved the dog from drowning in the river packed with trash.

Keep Crisis-Affected Girls in School
Take action and call on world leaders to fund another year of Education Cannot Wait to keep girls in school.