7.5 billion people; grey water; 100 Arab start-ups

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All the people in the world in one chart.

20 years of social entrepreneurship. A recipe for lasting change.

In Focus: Middle East and North Africa

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in action: 100 Arab start-ups.

Pivoting to the private sector. New jobs in the Middle East.

5 key questions for MENA. The most important issues facing the region.

The future depends on grey water. How MENA can meet its top threat.

A Middle East tech revolution? Time to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

On the Agenda

How to rethink globalization for more resilience and inclusion.

An upgraded operating system. Why globalization needs one.

Are we next? Four ancient civilizations that climate change destroyed.

Expandable houses. What slums can teach about the future of cities.

Redefining ‘tribal’ boundaries. Business ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa.

On our radar

A country nears demographic crisis – and finds it impossible to act.

Gangs matrix. Life under a predictive policing tool.

Systems failure for dinosaurs, and why we may face the same risk.

Toxic wealth syndrome. Growing up with too much money.

Your future friend and pet: skaterbots.