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The Credit Path

As Alternatives Credit Union has grown and changed, our use of the Credit Path model of financial empowerment has changed as well. Originally developed by Bill Myers as a way of understanding our members’ financial situations and incorporating that into our business planning, the Credit Path describes where people are situated at various points [...]

Pension Funds Leading in Cancun on Green Investing Initiatives

RI News Alert: › ATP targets first direct renewables investment for €1bn emerging markets climate commitment › Comment: NAPF misses the point on Stewardship? Cancún Special: Institutional investors bullish as they arrive at COP16 for climate financing talks ESG Headlines from IPE.com: › UK roundup: Sackers, TPR, Lehman Brothers, [...]

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Ecological and Economic Foundations, edited by Pushpam Kumar

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Ecological and Economic Foundations, edited by Pushpam Kumar

'A landmark study on one of the most pressing problems facing society, balancing economic growth and ecological protection to achieve a sustainable future.' Simon Levin, Moffett Professor of Biology, Department of Ecology and Evolution Behaviour, Princeton University, USA 'TEEB brings a rigorous economic focus to bear on the problems of [...]

US and China signal thawing of relations in Cancun

BusinessGreen.com Countries admit to bilateral talks on emissions reporting prior to the summit Click here for the full newsletter...

Community Gardening: Organic, Green and Sustainable

by Maria Pinochet, Ethical Markets Advisory Board Because so many individuals lack the time, space and know-how to plant their own gardens, community gardens are gaining members. Such an effort to green the local food chain, and make Jacksonville that much more sustainable, is underway by Ethical Markets friend, Thomas Dumas. (Pictured here, [...]

American Sustainable Business Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council become’s its Chair of the Business Leadership Council The American Sustainable Business Council (“ASBC”) announced today that Jeffrey Hollender will substantially increase his involvement with the organization by becoming the Chair of the [...]

Holiday Shopping Guide For Finding Greener Electronics

Given all the dated computers, cell phones, printers and other used electronics that we all have piled up in our closets, we know that the greenest gadget is the one you don’t buy. But according to the electronics industry, the average American will spend more money on new electronics this year than any previous year. And despite the [...]

SRI asset growth in Australia and US outstrips mainstream market

RI News Alert: › SRI asset growth in Australia and US outstrips mainstream market › Oxfam: investors need to look at poverty in emerging markets or risk backlash › Swedish AP funds name ESG analysis providers Click here to read the newsletter.

New publication: Environmental accounts of the Netherlands 2009

Dear list members, Statistics Netherlands is pleased to announce its new publication 'Environmental Accounts of the Netherlands 2009'. What was the impact of the financial and economic crisis on the environment? What is the share of the green economy? Has the Dutch carbon footprint increased over time? Do wealthy households pollute [...]

Final Worldshift 20 Council Declaration

WORLDSHIFT 20 DECLARATION Issued by the Worldshift 20 Council – November 21, 2010 An Initiative of The Club of Budapest The Mission of The Worldshift 20 Council The Worldshift 20 Council is composed of twenty prominent global citizens from diverse cultures and religions worldwide. The mission of the Council is to give urgent attention to [...]

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