What Does Obama's Cabinet Have in Store for Alternative Energy?

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As the Obama inauguration nears and his cabinet picks are made public, the impact of his presidency on the alternative energy sector is becoming more tangible. During the campaign, we heard plenty on Barack Obama’s views on environmental regulation, climate change and alternative energy. But what about the people who …

Environment News Service: February 18, 2009

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Lab-on-a-Chip the Latest Weapon Against Pollution WASHINGTON, DC, February 18, 2009 (ENS) – Israeli scientists have developed a tiny laboratory, complete with a microscopic workbench, to measure water quality in real time.

Today's Organic News: January 15, 2009

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Organic women join forces The new Organic Women’s Network has been created to increase female leadership and ensure the industries future. The creator, Annie Brownjohn says women interact and operate business differently and are more likely to share information and so a formal group was needed. Miss Brownjohn has been …


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Rating Update – Construction & Engineering In addition to eco-efficiency, community engagement, and other issues, Innovest’s most recent update of the Construction and Engineering (C&E) sector ratings reflect the strength of those construction and engineering companies that have adopted the life cycle business model, buoying their outlook even during the …


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Memorandum by Mr James Robertson, January 2009 ——— I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. This evidence is on the Committee’s point 1.8, amended as follows: “Possible improvements to the architecture of (national and) international financial regulation, and maintenance of (national and) global financial stability”. It affects other points too, as will be …

Going green: Communities make their own currencies

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By RODRIQUE NGOWI – 3 days ago GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. (AP) — Diana Felber brought her groceries to the checkout and counted out her cash — purple, blue and green bills that are good only at businesses in western Massachusetts. Read more…

Reforms for New Roles of the IMF?

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The IMF post G-20 Summit Jo Marie Griesgraber New Rules for Global Finance Coalition November 1, 2008 Writing about the current and future role(s) for the International Monetary Fund before and after the G-20 Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy is like trying to capture a desert river …